Lady Elizabeth

the Lady in Waiting

or should that be Lady in Wetting?

Lady Sophie Elizabeth of Dalefoot should have been the heir to a vast Pennine estate of her own, away south and west of Langstonedale. Alas, her family's land and fortune were squandered by a wicked uncle long before Elizabeth was born, and so despite her title she found herself as a landless waif, her parents now lowly tenant farmers on the edge of Lady Jasmine's lands.

When Elizabeth reached her majority, Lady Jasmine took her in for a while as a lady in waiting, to give her a taste of the life she should have been entitled to, and to enable her to move in the aristocratic circles that should, had the fates been kinder, have been hers by right. Of course being a lady in waiting to the Langstonedale family does mean there are certain activities, notably those which involve having one's clothes filled with goo, which one is expected not just to carry out, but to throw oneself into with wild enthusiasm - so it's probably just as well that Elizabeth proved to be a natural born gunge enthusiast!

Elizabeth stayed with Lady Jasmine for a couple of seasons before setting off on her own adventures, and after a year of travelling, eventually set up her own household. During her year abroad she continued to develop her taste for the wet and messy lifestyle, taking a sexier slant on it than we do at the Hall, fans might want to see her more recent work over at her own site, Sweet Sophie.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth's original photosets and video clips remain here at the Hall. In 2011, we discovered a lost archive of Elizabeth's work on a forgotten hard drive hidden in a cupboard half-way down a spiral stairway in the north wall of the house, where one of the serving wenches had placed it for safe-keeping during a particularly energetic game of "catch me and fill my dress" a few years before, and these lost sets have now been released too.

Lady Sophie Elizabeth
of Dalefoot

Relaxing in the mud in a knee-length uniform skirt and blouse

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