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This page lists all of our current live photosets, including full information on the mumber of shots in each set. Note these aren't hand picked "best of" shots, just the 3rd, 9th, 15th, 60th, 90th and 150th shots from each set, to give you a true idea of what you'll find in our members' area.

The first two shots are clickable to give the full-size high-res image, generally these will be clean "before" shots in most sets, the others are also clickable to our standard 800 x 600 free sample size - the images in the Members Lounge are all the same size as the first two images here.

  • gm-2g011: "Felicity in black catsuit, heeled boots, and studded dress, makes a right mess of herself!" Added 2018-07-21, 686 photos, 2.1G disk space

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    Gunge Gothic

    Felicity in black catsuit, heeled boots, and studded dress, makes a right mess of herself!

    Felicity, dressed in black with silver studs and wearing spectacular high heeled New Rock boots, gets totally covered in red and purple slime!

    She wears a skin tight black spandex catsuit, with a black studded mini-dress over it, and the boots. She starts with dress filling, and then during the course of her gunging she sits in trays of gunge, covers her dress and catsuit in it, gives careful and detailed treatment to her boots, and finally drenches her long blonde hair in it too.

  • gm-2g031: "Felicity, Maude, and Rosemary mess each other up!" Added 2018-07-06, 1719 photos, 5.9G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g031-v1a (13 minutes, 28 seconds)
    • gm-2g031-v1b (14 minutes, 14 seconds)

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    3-Girl Gunge Fun

    Felicity, Maude, and Rosemary mess each other up!

    Felicity the Serving Wench, Maude the Chamberwench, and Rosemary the Stablemistress, all dressed in very different outfits, take turns to gradually gunge each other completely, with red, green, and blue gunge.

      Felicity wears

    • Bavarian wench dress
    • Dark tights
    • Fancy black heeled strappy shoes.

      Maude wears

    • Blue polycotton dungarees
    • Black swimsuit
    • See-through ankle boots

      Rosemary wears

    • Black jodhpurs
    • White polo-shirt
    • Black wellies

    They take turns to be gunged, Felicity first, then Maude, then Rosemary. With each turn they get two more pints of gunge poured into or over their outfits. They start with simple clothes filling, blue gunge fills Felicity's wench dress, red gunge flows down inside Maude's dungarees, and green gunge is soon filling Rosemary's polo shirt and jodhpurs. As they go on they get a bit wilder and sillier with each other, and make each other sit in things, fill their boots, throw gunge at each other, until all three girls are reduced to a technioolour mess of total slime. Heads and faces get the full treatment too, so all three girls end up utterly covered in mess from head to toe.

    Enjoy! They did! :)

  • gm-2f239: "Friday and Felicity test who drips first" Added 2018-06-22, 941 photos, 2.7G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f239-v1 (29 minutes, 50 seconds)
    • gm-2f239-v2 (14 minutes, 19 seconds)

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    Smart Suit vs Tracksuit

    Friday and Felicity test who drips first

    Friday, dressed very smartly for business, and Felicity, dressed very much for a cross country run, challenge each other as to who's outfit can take the most gunge before it starts to drip onto the floor. They have lots of Devon Dream to play with.

    Friday wears a very smart pinstripe business trouser suit, jacket and trousers, with a lovely pale blue blouse.
    Meanwhile Friday wears black tracksuit trousers over a Slazenger swimsuit, with a black and pink running jacket. This being Saturation Hall both girls wear sparkly wellies to finish off their outfits, and hopefully contain any gunge that runs down inside their trousers so no-one loses the challenge too quickly.

    Each girl can chose where each pot of Dream is poured in or on her outfit, so needless to say there's lots of clothes filling as they try and get as much as they can inside their clothes without any dripping off. Friday has mess poured into her blouse, down her trousers front and back, and into her suit jacket pockets, including the ones inside the jacket in the lining. Felicity has the cream poured inside her swimsuit, down her trousers, and into the pockets of her running jacket.

    Once one of them has eventually leaked creamy white Devon Dream all over the floor, they indulge in a general messy session with each other, clothes are well filled, creamy shampoos give, full face coverage is given, and they both end up drenched from head to toe in creamy Devon goodness.

  • gm-2f120: "Evelyne and Lady A fill each others' clothes!" Added 2018-06-05, 1292 photos, 3.3G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f120-v1a (18 minutes, 17 seconds)
    • gm-2f120-v1b (18 minutes, 40 seconds)
    • gm-2f120-v1c (15 minutes, 53 seconds)
    • gm-2f120-v2 (10 minutes, 50 seconds)

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    Jeans vs Combats

    Evelyne and Lady A fill each others' clothes!

    Lady A has challenged Evelyne the Cook to a clothes-filling session! Lady A wears blue jeans and a blue and white striped rugby shirt, with her jeans tucked into wellies. Eveyne wears a brand new pair of black combats, with a black swimsuit as a top, and her trousers are also tucked into her wellies. Evelyne initially has a black jacket on but she removes this quite early on to make it easier for Lady A pour stuff into Evelyne's trousers so the jacket doesn't get messy.

    First they fill each other's trousers, Lady A's jeans and Evelyne's combats getting plenty poured down inside. Then they fill each other's tops too. Lady A's rugby shirt holds the mess in quite well but Evelyne's swimsuit soon leaks and sends custard flowing down over the outside of her trousers.

    Once they are both nice and slimy inside their clothes, they start to pour and spread mess all over the outside too, including Lady A taking a well-slammed custard pie to the still clean bum of her jeans. Later on, Lady A also takes a pie to her face and gets a pie sandwich.

    By the end of the scene they are both sitting in a pool of mess on the floor, their clothes totally drenched in custard, honey, and rice pudding, and pouring handfulls of spilled slop over each other.

    Note, other than the pies and pie-sandwich that Lady A receives, there isn't any head / face coverage in this scene.

  • gm-2q025: "Chastity wears a 90s checkout girl uniform and gets bucketed" Added 2018-06-01, 23 photos, 97M disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2q025-v1 (00 minutes, 53 seconds)

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    ASDA Unifiform Quickie

    Chastity wears a 90s checkout girl uniform and gets bucketed

    Chastity dresses in a 1990s ASDA checkout girl uniform dress, and then stands in the dungeon to have six buckets of water thrown over her, three from each side.

    A very quick scene, this was released as a bonus extra for the fifth week in May 2018 on both Saturation Hall and Langstonedale.

  • gm-2g013: "Rosemary and Honeysuckle wreck each other's formal looks" Added 2018-05-17, 961 photos, 2.9G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g013-v1 (34 minutes, 38 seconds)
    • gm-2g013-v2 (01 minutes, 36 seconds)
    • gm-2g013-v3 (09 minutes, 08 seconds)

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    A Formal Exchange

    Rosemary and Honeysuckle wreck each other's formal looks

    Honeysuckle and Rosemary, both dressed in smart cocktail dresses, have challenged each other to a gunge match. Will their silky dresses still look smart when deluged in green, yellow, and pinky-purple gunge?

    Rosemary wears a very pretty black cap-sleeved cocktail dress with a square neckline that just invites filling, a pretty silk bow round her neck, and cute little heeled lace-up ankle boots. She keeps her legs bare.

    Honeysuckle wears a lovely sleeveless purple cocktail dress with a cleavage-revealing V-neck, dark dights, black leather calf-high boots, and silky black opera gloves. She looks every inch the party sophisticate, but can you imagine just how that lovely deep cleavage will lend itself to having gunge poured in?

    They both wear some chunky bracelets on one arm, blue for Honeysuckle, red for Rosemary.

    Wearing their very smart dresses they sit facing each other in the dungeon, and play scissors-paper-stone, with the winner of each round getting to add some mess to the loser each round. Needless to say their posh outfits soon start to suffer, Honeysuckle is the first to feel pints of bright gunge being poured into her cleavage, but the tables soon turn and it's Rosemary's turn to feel something cold and wet sliding down inside her dress.

    As the scene unfolds both girls get steadily messier and messier, as well as dress filling they make each other sit in trays of goo, in both cases while the backs of their dresses are still clean and dry, gunge is poured all over the outside of their dresses, Honeysuckle's opera gloves are filled, and they both pay special attention to each other's boots too, both filling them while still worn, and making each other take a boot off, pouring gunge in, and then putting it back on, a clean foot going "squelch" into a bootfull of goo.

    Once their dresses are thoroughly messed up they pour buckets of gunge over each other's heads, totally covering their hair and faces.

  • gm-2g051: "Friday and Cindy get very messy indeed!" Added 2018-05-02, 1035 photos, 3.0G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2g051-v1 (05 minutes, 28 seconds)
    • gm-2g051-v2 (44 minutes, 18 seconds)
    • gm-2g051-v3 (15 minutes, 17 seconds)

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    Rubbermaid vs Disco Pants

    Friday and Cindy get very messy indeed!

    Friday the rubbermaid, in latex maid's outfit, shiny hold-up stockings, and black plimsolls, introduces new girl Cindy, who's visiting Langstonedale as an exchange student from the East Coast of the USA, to the art of getting well and truly gunged in disco pants!

    Cindy wears genuine green American Apparel disco pants, leather shoes, a black halter-neck swimsuit, with a see-through short mesh dress over the top.

    Cindy is introduced to trouser filling, with lots of gunge down inside the front and back of her disco pants, is made to sit in a tray of gunge, has her dress filled so we can see the mess flow down inside, and is made to put her feet in buckets of gunge.

    Of course here at Saturation Hall fairness is everything - so Friday in her lovely latex dress soon gets well and truly messed up too. Later on in the scene Cindy has so much gunge poured into her swimsuit that her pants start to fall down, she removes them and continues in just the swimsuit, her mesh dress having come off some time earlier.

    Once they are both totally messy including fully gunged hair and faces, they hose each other off, during the hose-down Friday removes her latex dress and ends in just the black swimsuit she's wearing beneath it.

  • gm-2f244: "Lily and Honeysuckle in tit-for-tat mess and pies" Added 2018-04-18, 933 photos, 2.6G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f244-v1 (33 minutes, 40 seconds)
    • gm-2f244-v2 (11 minutes, 07 seconds)

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    An Exchange Of Mess

    Lily and Honeysuckle in tit-for-tat mess and pies

    Oh dear. Lily's been caught messing about on the estate again, and Honeysuckle, in her smart evening uniform outfit, needs to give her a talking to. Except that Lily completely ignores her and plays with the priceless blue jasperware custard tureen instead! Honeysuckle is annoyed by Lily's insolence and pokes her. Lily responds by flicking a spoonful of creamy custard over Honeysuckle's blouse. Shock! The insolence!

    And from there, it steadily escalates as a tit for tat mess spectacular, as each girl tries to regain her composure before exacting revenge on the other. Initially, they mess up each others' outfits, with clothes filling and tray sitting. But very soon, it's custard pie in the face time for both of them!

    Using paper bowls variously filled with custard, squirty cream, and occasionally even rice pudding, they repeately splat each other in the face, over their hair, and pie sandwiches. Honeysuckle also has slices of gateaux mashed into her lovely long black hair, and as well as many pies, they also have two full buckets of transparent clear gunge, some of which gets used in pieings and the rest of which they pour over each other.

    This was a custom scene for a customer who really likes our hair gungings - almost all of our scenes have the girls shampooing mess into their hair, which is probably something we should promote more - and the customer specified that after messing each other's clothes up in the intro, the main part of the scene should involve lots of pies in the face, and smeared up onto their heads and into their hair. They also specified that one of the girls should receive a supprise extra pie in the face after she'd been hosed down, which we did (and the girls were happy to do). Watch the videos to see who got some extra pie!

    Technical: The videos for this scene have full original sound throughout. The video was tripod-shot for rock steady picture, the viewpoint was chosen so the girls' heads are still in shot when they stand up, and you can see every detail as they mess and pie each other. At the customer's request the acompanying photoset was shot using a telephoto lens to give a much closer up set of photos than we normally do, this proved to be an effective technique and we may well repeat it for our own future dungeon shoots.

  • gm-2f149: "Maude gets spectacularly custardy in PVC jeans, PVC top and Goth boots" Added 2018-04-05, 1062 photos, 3.5G disk space

    Videos included:

    • gm-2f149-v1 (30 minutes, 34 seconds)
    • gm-2f149-v2 (08 minutes, 13 seconds)

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    PVC Mistress Maude

    Maude gets spectacularly custardy in PVC jeans, PVC top and Goth boots

    Maude the chamberwench as you've never seen her before, with jet black hair and dressed from head to foot in shiny black PVC! And not only does she look totally awesome in her glossy outfit, but she first fills, and then covers herself, in lashings of thick yellow custard!

    She fills her PVC jeans, fills her black leather boots, pours custard all over her clothes, hair, and face, and gives herself a very thorough custard shampoo too. There is also barefoot action when she slips her bare feet out of her boots in order to fill them, and plays with her feet in the mess too.

  • gm-2f112: "Evelyne and Lucinda drench each other in milk" Added 2018-03-23, 236 photos, 612M disk space

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    Milking Time!

    Evelyne and Lucinda drench each other in milk

    Lucinda, in jeans, blue and white check shirt, and faded denim jacket, and Evelyne, in her favourite PVC catsuit, totally drench each other from head to toe with milk.

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