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Messy Land Girls - set gm-2f136

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Messy Land Girls

Scarlet and Morgana in very messy uniforms!

Best friends Scarlet and Morgana are dressed for work, Scarlet in smart dark blue knee length skirt, pale blue blouse, and sturdy work boots, while Morgana wears green dungarees tucked into black wellies, with a swimsuit under her overalls, and they both have matching tied stockings as hair decoration. And they're going to make a total mess of each other!

Scarlet suffers first, lashings of custard poured inside her skirt and then, once the damp stains coming through her skirt from the inside are well developed, more of it poured all over her blouse. But then it's Morgana's turn, and first she has golden syrup poured into her overalls, and then milk poured into her swimsuit from where it floods out through her overalls.

They totally wreck each other's outfits with mess, and then they set about each other's hair, too.