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Lady Jasmine's Classic Blouse and Skirt - set gm-2f14

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Lady Jasmine, Classic Blouse and Skirt

A classic working woman's outfit, gunged to saturation

  • Navy blue below-the-knee work skirt, by Alexandra
  • Pale pink short-sleeve blouse
  • Black hose
  • Classic black court shoes

A plain, severe, dark blue skirt worn with a simple, gently feminine blouse, dark tights, and simple black court shoes. The perfect outfit for a nanny, or a polite ladies' secretary, or even in this day and age, a senior PA. Simple. Elegant. Refined. And very, very sexy.

And then Lady Jasmine starts to add the gunge.

But not before she's walked about the dungeon, bending over to show off the delicious curve of the elastic-waisted skirt over her bottom, and the beautiful sweep of the dark fabric against her legs.

The skirt's practical front pockets are filled first, the right, neatly topped up with half a carton of thick yellow fluid, and then the left, this one a bit trickier, just a fraction too much custard is poured in, and while it doesn't overflow yet, we all know it will, sooner or later. And now her ladyship stands in the dungeon, still neat and prim and spotless to look at, yet with a litre of custard already slowly soaking its way through the self-fabic pockets and dampening her hosiery beneath.

And then the real pouring begins, a full litre carton of custard poured neatly into the front of Lady Jasmine's blouse. At first the custard collects where the blouse is neatly tucked into the skirt's waistband, but then a trickle escapes, and the trickle soon becomes a flow, a stream of yellow flowing steadily down the pristine front of that beautiful skirt, dripping from the hem, and splashing to the floor and her ladyship's spotless black shoes.

By now, the custard in Lady Jasmine's left pocket has also started to leak out and drop down the clean skirt, so it's time to empty the skirt's pockets. Lady Jasmine bends forward and squirms, and the custard comes flooding out of both pockets and her blouse, and the front of the skirt is soon streaked with escaping custard flows.

Gracefully she takes a seat, and pours two litre of custard all over the front of her skirt, coating and soaking it completely. Then she stands, and does the same thing to the still-clean back, the flowing yellow fluid entirely consuming the clean navy blue material until Lady Jasmine is effectvely wearing a skirt of custard.

Now she sits again, removing her shoes, delacately filling each one with custard, and then carfully slipping them back onto her feet.

Lady Jasmine's outfit ends up utterly saturated in custard, with not a single clean spot anywhere. And her work is done!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.