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Lady Jasmine's Fully Dressed Cola Shower - set gm-2f17

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The Cola Jacket

Lady Jasmine takes a cola-shower, in her clothes!

  • Stretch-fit lycra-denim party dress
  • Dark tights (pantyhose)
  • Black leather-look jacket
  • Oversize black wellington boots

Lady Jasmine decides to endulge in a lively bubble-shower of fresh cola, and not only stays fully dressed, but manages to pour the fizzy liquid inside her leather-look jacket while the outside stays dry!

First she fills her outsize wellies, two full litres of fresh cola are poured into each boot, filling them completely and allowing just a little to overflow the boot-tops.

Then, jacket still firmly zipped shut, she hefts a full bottle of cola and allows the contents to pour into her sleeve, which it fills up before flooding inside the body of the jacket, soaking her dress, and leaking out to flow over the dress's skirt.

More and more cola is poured inside Lady Jasmine's jacket, via the sleeves, via the front, and over her head and in down the back of her neck. Her hair gets a drenching and bottle after bottle is poured inside her clothes, drenching the entire outfit.

Eventually, Lady Jasmine first opens, and then removes her jacket, revealing the thoroughly saturated lycra-denim dress beneath, in which she then sits down and rolls heself in the lake of cola on the floor.

She finishes off by carefully submerging the jacket in the pool of cola, and then putting it, dripping wet, back on over her soaked dress.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.