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Daisy's Swimsuit Filling - set gm-2f197

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Daisy's Swimsuit Filling

Virginia gets her revenge

Swimsuit-clad Daisy got to stay all nice and clean and dry while she reduced her friend Virginia to sloppy, sticky ruin, but now the tables turn, and Virginia gets to have her revence, and Daisy knows exactly what's coming!

Cream poured down inside Daisy's swimsuit comes first, and soon enough it's soaking through the spandex and dripping down from between her legs. More cream, and then custard, is poured down the back of Daisy's suit, and then Virginia gets very hands-on, collecting the mess that's flooding out from the lower parts of Daisy's suit and spreading it all over her body. Once her suit and legs are completely slathered in creamy mess, Virginia fills Daisy's wellies, before drenching Daisy's blue hair in golden syrup, pouring custard over her face and down into her lap, and finally finishing her off with lots of milk poured over Daisy's head. By the end of the scene Daisy is just as drenched in mess as Virginia.