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An Exchange Of Mess - set gm-2f244

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An Exchange Of Mess

Lily and Honeysuckle in tit-for-tat mess and pies

Oh dear. Lily's been caught messing about on the estate again, and Honeysuckle, in her smart evening uniform outfit, needs to give her a talking to. Except that Lily completely ignores her and plays with the priceless blue jasperware custard tureen instead! Honeysuckle is annoyed by Lily's insolence and pokes her. Lily responds by flicking a spoonful of creamy custard over Honeysuckle's blouse. Shock! The insolence!

And from there, it steadily escalates as a tit for tat mess spectacular, as each girl tries to regain her composure before exacting revenge on the other. Initially, they mess up each others' outfits, with clothes filling and tray sitting. But very soon, it's custard pie in the face time for both of them!

Using paper bowls variously filled with custard, squirty cream, and occasionally even rice pudding, they repeately splat each other in the face, over their hair, and pie sandwiches. Honeysuckle also has slices of gateaux mashed into her lovely long black hair, and as well as many pies, they also have two full buckets of transparent clear gunge, some of which gets used in pieings and the rest of which they pour over each other.

This was a custom scene for a customer who really likes our hair gungings - almost all of our scenes have the girls shampooing mess into their hair, which is probably something we should promote more - and the customer specified that after messing each other's clothes up in the intro, the main part of the scene should involve lots of pies in the face, and smeared up onto their heads and into their hair. They also specified that one of the girls should receive a supprise extra pie in the face after she'd been hosed down, which we did (and the girls were happy to do). Watch the videos to see who got some extra pie!

Technical: The videos for this scene have full original sound throughout. The video was tripod-shot for rock steady picture, the viewpoint was chosen so the girls' heads are still in shot when they stand up, and you can see every detail as they mess and pie each other. At the customer's request the acompanying photoset was shot using a telephoto lens to give a much closer up set of photos than we normally do, this proved to be an effective technique and we may well repeat it for our own future dungeon shoots.