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A Formal Exchange - set gm-2g013

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A Formal Exchange

Rosemary and Honeysuckle wreck each other's formal looks

Honeysuckle and Rosemary, both dressed in smart cocktail dresses, have challenged each other to a gunge match. Will their silky dresses still look smart when deluged in green, yellow, and pinky-purple gunge?

Rosemary wears a very pretty black cap-sleeved cocktail dress with a square neckline that just invites filling, a pretty silk bow round her neck, and cute little heeled lace-up ankle boots. She keeps her legs bare.

Honeysuckle wears a lovely sleeveless purple cocktail dress with a cleavage-revealing V-neck, dark dights, black leather calf-high boots, and silky black opera gloves. She looks every inch the party sophisticate, but can you imagine just how that lovely deep cleavage will lend itself to having gunge poured in?

They both wear some chunky bracelets on one arm, blue for Honeysuckle, red for Rosemary.

Wearing their very smart dresses they sit facing each other in the dungeon, and play scissors-paper-stone, with the winner of each round getting to add some mess to the loser each round. Needless to say their posh outfits soon start to suffer, Honeysuckle is the first to feel pints of bright gunge being poured into her cleavage, but the tables soon turn and it's Rosemary's turn to feel something cold and wet sliding down inside her dress.

As the scene unfolds both girls get steadily messier and messier, as well as dress filling they make each other sit in trays of goo, in both cases while the backs of their dresses are still clean and dry, gunge is poured all over the outside of their dresses, Honeysuckle's opera gloves are filled, and they both pay special attention to each other's boots too, both filling them while still worn, and making each other take a boot off, pouring gunge in, and then putting it back on, a clean foot going "squelch" into a bootfull of goo.

Once their dresses are thoroughly messed up they pour buckets of gunge over each other's heads, totally covering their hair and faces.