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Rubbermaid vs Disco Pants - set gm-2g051

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Rubbermaid vs Disco Pants

Friday and Cindy get very messy indeed!

Friday the rubbermaid, in latex maid's outfit, shiny hold-up stockings, and black plimsolls, introduces new girl Cindy, who's visiting Langstonedale as an exchange student from the East Coast of the USA, to the art of getting well and truly gunged in disco pants!

Cindy wears genuine green American Apparel disco pants, leather shoes, a black halter-neck swimsuit, with a see-through short mesh dress over the top.

Cindy is introduced to trouser filling, with lots of gunge down inside the front and back of her disco pants, is made to sit in a tray of gunge, has her dress filled so we can see the mess flow down inside, and is made to put her feet in buckets of gunge.

Of course here at Saturation Hall fairness is everything - so Friday in her lovely latex dress soon gets well and truly messed up too. Later on in the scene Cindy has so much gunge poured into her swimsuit that her pants start to fall down, she removes them and continues in just the swimsuit, her mesh dress having come off some time earlier.

Once they are both totally messy including fully gunged hair and faces, they hose each other off, during the hose-down Friday removes her latex dress and ends in just the black swimsuit she's wearing beneath it.