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Green Rainwear Custard - set gm-3f018

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Green Rainwear Custard

Cynthia and Elsie put rainsuits to the 12 can test

Cinthia has invited her friend Elsie to join her for a weekend at the Hall, and while she's here she decides to join in on a rainwear custard test. Both ladies are identically dressed in black swimsuits with orange and purple detailing, over which they wear brand new olive green rainsuits, plus wellies. Before they can begin the tests, the rules state that they much have some custard poured inside the front and back of their swimsuits, just to make sure they have fully embraced the spirit of the testing, which is designed to get mess inside the suits.

Taking turns, Elsie first, they both get totally drenched in custard. First they throw it over each other with the rainwear all done up, keeping them dry inside. But all too soon it's time for the internal tests, and so custard poured inside their trousers is the order of the day, not to mention hoods being filled and the placed on clean heads, covering their hair.

By the end of the scene, they are both reduced to custard-drenched messes.