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Isabeau and Felicity in the Dungeon - set gm-3f025

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Isabeau and Felicity in the Dungeon

French style meets Yorkshire splat!

Mademoiselle Isabeau, and antiquarian book specialist from the fabulous, and strcitly private, Bibliothèque du Nord de Paris, has come to Saturation Hall, as Violet did before her, to study some of her ladyship's priceless manuscripts, and advise on the digitisation project we have under way to ensure the irreplaceable colllecton is backed up in digital format just in case anything ever happened to the originals.

Of course, no-one ever leaves these halls ungunged, so you can imagine what happened when Isabeau, smartly dressed in a black office dress, black leather boots, and a nice short smart jacket, happened to wander into the dungeon, a room that she somehow found strangely familiar, while Felicity, in her favourite medieval uniform dress, just happened to have a plentiful supply of custard and cream to hand.

A playful scene in which both girls happily submit to each other and are gradually reduced to wet and slippery messes at each other's hands. There's lots of laughter, custard and cream thrown and poured over each other, dressed drenched in slop, some happy pieing each other in the face with amused laughter at the results, and oif course our trademark full messy hair shampooing.

The scene includes the clean-up hosedown as a separate video, both remain fully clothed as the wash all the slop off each other and wash each other's hair.