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The Lady and The Nurse

  • Lady Full-Wellington
  • Black satin plunge-neck evening dress
  • Pink wellingtons
  • Nurse Wendy
  • Navy blue nurses dress by Alexandra
  • Navy blue nurses belt by Alexandra
  • White deck shoes

Lady Jasmine's away, but her friend Lady Full-Wellington is looking after the Hall in her absence, and takes the opportunity of a visit from Wendy, the district nurse, to undergo some gunge therapy in the dungeon. The consultation begins conventionally enough, with Nurse Wendy applying measured doses of cool custard to Lady Full-Wellington's cleavage, however when Nurse Wendy has to stand up to fetch some fresh medicine, her ladyship cheekily places a tray of custard on Wendy's seat, which the unsuspecting nurse promptly sits in, getting a huge splodge of bright yellow all over the back of her pristine uniform.

Strangely, Wendy doesn't seem particularly upset by the prank, and indeed as events unfold, it soon becomes rather less than obvious exactly who is treating whom, as Nurse Wendy seems to be getting rather more out of her therapy than her patient is!