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Railway Gunge - set gm-2f06

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  • gm-2f06-v3 ( minutes, seconds)

The Orange And The Black!

Maiden in Rail Worker's High-Viz

  • High-visibility rail industry orange polo shirt
  • High-visibility rail industry orange trousers
  • Black Caterpillar work boots

Showing off Lady Jasmine's beautiful purple dungeon to the best possible effect, Maiden the Slave Girl spends a quiet afternoon dressed in railway industry high-visibility bright orange workwear, slowly coating herself in thick, sticky black treacle.

First, she shows off the outfit to maximum effect, giving us a detailed study of form and fit. Then she starts to pour the treacle, and slowly, slowly, the bright orange clothing is first filled, and then coated, in layer after layer of thick, smooth, floowing blackness.