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Evelyne Initiates Lady A - set gm-2f123

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Evelyne Initiates Lady A

Your dress needs to be custarded

Before anyone can attend one of Lady Jasmine's balls, they must be initiated. In particular, their outfit must be custarded. Which brings us to the dungeon, where Lady A and Evelyne the Cook are both dressed in lovely, smart, and Saturation Hall Ball-worthy outfits. Lady A wears a beautiful turquoise two-piece floor length formal set, comprising of a matching skirt and bodice top, over a black swimsuit. Evelyne is also dressed smartly, in a gorgeous black satin Chinese-style dress, over black spandex leggings. They both wear plimsolls on their feet, as while it may be more traditional to wear heels, at one of Lady Jasmine's dos you need footwear suitable for a very slippery custard-and-cream covered floor.

And, taking turn and turn about, they are going to reduce each other to spectacularly wet and sticky messes, using lashings of custard, rice pudding, squirty cream, and golden syrup!

Evelyne's tight-fitting dress is filled with custard, which eventually drips out down her leggings onto her feet, Lady-A has custard poured into her skirt front and back while sitting down, the front pour dropping down between her legs under the skirt before flowing over the inside back and down to the floor, the back pour leaves her sitting in a nice pool of custard inside her skirt. They pour and smear mess all over the outside of each other's outfits, including Evelyne having her dress pulled up and her spandex leggings well slathered, and a pie to her spandex-clad bottom. Lady-A also had a pie to her bottom at one point. By the end of the scene their dresses are totally drenched in mixed sweet mess, and their hair custard shampooed, though note there's no face coverage.

Two very well dressed mature and kink-friendly women happily slathering each other in sweet mess. Delicious!

Producer's Notes: Shot way back in 2012, when I still thought still photos were the more important element, this scene required a lot of editing, and even so there are still sections where you can hear the male director talking to the girls, and though I have removed almost all of the sections where I got into shot while taking close-up stills, a couple of small ones may remain where cutting them would have spoiled the girls' banter with each other. There's a lot of chat back and forth between them as they slowly and carefully destroy each other with ever-increasing amounts of goo. The scene was also originally intended to be released with the sound removed, however now we understand lots of people like to hear what's happening as well as seeing it, the soundtrack has been left in, which does mean you get a real flavour of how the girls felt during the scene, teasing each other about what they're going to do to each other at various points.