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Medical Mayhem! - set gm-2f141

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Medical Mayhem!

Chastity and Kitty in custard uniform fun.

Two willing women in smart blue medical uniforms, and lots and lots of custard - the perfect prognosis for seriously messy treatment.

Chastity wears a dark blue nurses uniform dress, belt, and wellies. Kitty wears a dark blue nurses uniform tunic and matching trousers, and matching blue wellies.

Chastity is first to receive the treatment, lying face-up on the table she has her dress opened and custard poured on a spread all over the swimsuit she's wearing under it, her dress is neatly done back up and then her skirt is lifted and the crotch of her swimsuit plus her bare legs and inside of the back of her dress are completely coated, then the front of her dress is covered, and finally she rolls over and has the back of her dress drenched in yellow too.

Then Kitty takes her turn on the table, and her smart blue trousers and tunic soon suffer the same fate as Chastity's dress. Chastity particularly appreciates Kitty's shapely bottom, and makes a very thorough hands-on job of Kitty's trousers, spreading custard all over and carefully sliding her hands down between Kitty's legs to ensure not a stitch is left clean.

Once both girls' uniforms are completely drenched in custard they sit up on the table together and pour custard into each other's hair, before thoroughly shampooing it into each other, each enjoying the sensations as her own hair is covered even as she gunges her opponent.

Eventually Chastity lies on the table again, while Kitty straddles her and pours milk down her custard-drenched outfit to pour onto and flow all over Chastity beneath her, before the two of them embrace in a sloppy mutual cuddle on the table.

Eventually it is time to get clean again, the two of them are hosed down together, starting fully clothed, but once the custard has been washed off their clothes, Chastity removes her dress, and ends in just her swimsuit and boots, and Kitty removes her tunic, ending in just swimsuit, trousers, and boots. Both of them are of course absolutely soaking wet.