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Workwear Testing - Womens Engineering Outfit by Alexandra - set gm-2f15

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Workwar Testing - Womens Engineering Outfit

Lady Jasmine completely saturates a womens workwear outfit in custard

  • A complete outfit by Alexandra meets the gunge
  • Royal blue womens combat trousers
  • Pale blue polo shirt
  • Royal blue womens engineering jacket
  • Black wellington boots

Lady Jasmine returns to one of her favourite subjects, the complete, deliberate, measured, saturation gunging of a workwear uniform.

The outfit is by Alexandra, taken directly from one of their catalogue photographs, and comprises a womens workwear engineering jacket, womens workwear combat trousers, both in royal blue polycotton, and a pale blue polo shirt. A solid white belt and big black rubber boots complete the ensemble.

Very slowly, little by little, her ladyship gradually fills and covers every inch of her outfit and herself in thick yellow fluid. Pockets are filled, floor pools are sat in, full buckets of custard are played with and eventually poured over the costume, she even shampoos her hair in the bucket of custard.

By the end of the set Lady Jasmine is utterly drenched in yellow, clothes totally drenched and coated in goo. Mmmm, squelchy!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.