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Fitness with Friday

Our athletic young tractor mechanic shows off her exercise routine!

Meet Friday, fully qualified diesel engine technician and custard-based workout enthusiast!

Dressed in her own exercise gear, tight fitting knee length running trousers in black and purple, with matching purple and black bra top, and white lace-up plimsolls, Friday shows us how clothes filling, shoe filling, bra filling, and custard shampoos, can all help towards that all important fitness goal.

First she strikes a series of athletic poses, showing off her beautifully toned body in the skin-tight sportswear. Then she slips off her shoes, one at a time, fills them with custard, and slides her clean feet back into them, overflowing custard pouring out and all over the sides as her feet slide back into the gloop.

Those lovely slinky running pants are next for the treatment, Friday wastes no time in filling her trousers with custard, enjoying the sensations as the think fluid flows down inside and leaks through the fabric. She fills the front first, pouring two full cartons in and using her hands to ensure it's evenly spread, and then she pours another carton down the back, which leaks out beautifully under her bottom before flowing down her legs.

This is supposd to be a workout, so Friday next does a series of bending and stretching exercises, showing off her custard soaked trousers and shoes, and still spotlessly clean bra-top.

Clearly this level of cleanliness can't be allowed to continue for long, and so after a few minutes she sets about filling her top with custard, pouring it in until it floods out of the bra top, over her toned stomach, and down onto her already saturated trousers.

Even though the top is leaking a bit, Friday goes on filling it until there's good seepage leaking through all round the front and sides, and then shows off her athletic prowess by filling the back, too.

Using her hands, she next spreads the leaking custard all over her body and legs, ensuring she's completely covered except for her arms and head. And then she takes another fresh carton of custard, and looking up, pours it straight onto her face and hair! She totally covers her face, and then gives herself a very thorough custard shampoo, completely coating her hair. And just to finish the job off, she gives both her arms a coating too.

Friday is now completely drenched in custard, her top, trousers, and shoes are filled, her entire boady is coated, and her hair completely soaked in it. So she carries on with the workout, bending, stretching, posing, reaching, really showing off how totally messed up she is, from head to toe.

The Custard Workout. Best keep fit routine ever if you happen to like seeing beautiful and athletic young women filling their sportswear with gunge!