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Gunge Bondage! - set gm-2f16

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Bound For Gunge

Lady Jasmine chained up and mercilessly gunged!

  • Lady Jasmine
  • Orange prison-issue boilersuit
  • Orange prison-issue baseball cap
  • Black rubber boots
  • Prison Warder Wendy-Household
  • Navy blue uniform skirt
  • Navy blue uniform polo shirt
  • Dark tights
  • Black uniform shoes

It seems Lasy Jasmine's been a naughty girl, she's been found outside, deliberately getting her clothes mucky. Clearly this indicates a serious threat to society, so for her own good she's been chained up in the dungeon, dressed in an appropriate outfit, where the severely uniformed Ms Wendy-Household will deliver a suitable punishment.

First we see her ladyship being chained to the wall shackles, secure steel chains wrapped round her wrists and another attached to the slave collar on her neck. Then more chains are wrapped round her booted feet, ensuring she can't move at all. Though from the smile on her face you'd never guess that this is supposed to be a punishment...

Once her prisoner is properly secured to the wall, the ultra-strict prison warder sets about her work. She has a bucket of liquid black, and this is poured, one beakerful at a time, into the collar of Lady Jasmine's uniform overalls, the thick black fluid flowing smoothly over her skin beneath the orange cotton, gradually staining and soaking through the fabric from within.

Warder Wendy-Household is relentless, and slowly, slowly, more and more gunge is poured into, and then over, the helpless prisoner, firmly shackled to the unyeilding dungeon walls. Once the uniform suit is well covered, her ladyship is made to watch as her hat is removed, dunked in gunge, and slopped back onto her head. Then more gunge is poured over her head, arms, and over her overalls, until she's been reduced to a saturated sticky mess.

But has she learned her lesson?

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.