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Clara, the North Road Cyclist - set gm-2f170

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Clara, the North Road Cyclist

Morgana dishes out the punishment for trespassing

For more than two hundred years, ever since the terrible events of the fell winter of 1794, the old North Gates of the Langstonedale estate have been locked and chained shut. The North Road is still passable as a road as far as Purity's tumbledown cottage, beyond that it's now little more than a sheep trail and shunned by most of the people of the estate, many of whom swear it's haunted.

So when one day one of the gamekeepers happened upon a wandering cyclist, all decked out in a pristine Sky Sports skinsuit, attempting to ride the ancient roadway, half way between Purity's cottage and the long abandoned gates, there could only be one outcome. Back to the Hall she was brought, down in the dungeons she was chained up, and Morgana set about teaching her just what happens to those who trespass on this estate.

Of course, the fact that the errant Clara had managed to get onto the estate in the first place, and her costume's ideal suutability for total gunging, might possibly suggest that this was perhaps her intention all along?

Clara wears a red, white, and blue Sky Sports cycling skinsuit, while Morgana wears her floor length black PVC everyday Dominatrix dress, which is well worn from numerous wearings and gungings. Clara is securely chained to the dungeon wall, and Morgana sets about her with treacle, custard, and rice pudding. Once Morgana thinks Clara has learned her lesson, the dominatrix unchains her and then orders her to gunge the mistress, ensuring the job is done thoroughly and with plenty of gunge poured inside the back of Morgana's dress.

Both women end up completely drenched in gunge from head to toe, including full hair and face coverage.

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