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Sportswear Custard Filling

Daisy fils her blue-haired friend Virginia's sportswear with custard!

Our blue-haired artist Daisy invited her blue-haired friend Virginia to the Hall, so she could experience the joys of having her favourite running gear filled with mess while she is wearing it. Virginia had never been gunged before so you get to see her reactions as the mess flows in.

Virginia wears grey women's running trousers with pink flashes and a thin black loose sports top, no socks, and black plimsolls. Daisy is wearing a black one-piece swimsuit with pink detailing, and black shiny wellies.

The mess starts with Virgina taking her shoes off, one at a time, Daisy filling them with custard, and Virginia slipping her bare feet back into the custard-filled plimsolls.

Next comes custard and cream poured into Virginia's trousers, she holds them out herself while Daisy pours the mess in down the front, and in the photos you can clearly see Virginia reacting as the cold wetness slides down inside and flows down her legs, while the video has a close-up of her trunk and legs and you can clearly see the material bending and moving as the custard pours in and flows down inside. Once plenty has been poured in the front, Virginia turns round and has more poured in the back. Somewhat to everyone's surprise, none of the gunge seeps through, although we can clearly see the fabric moving as the mess flows down inside, they do a remarkably good job of keeping it all inside. Clearly that will never do so next Daisy prepares a tray of custard and syrup, and then has Virginia sit in it. That's better, now she's becoming a proper mess!

Next Daisy gets to work on Virginia's trouser legs, slathering handfulls of custard over them and up to her trunk, while Virginia enjoys the sensations of Daisy's hands all over her custard-coated legs.

Once Virginia's lower half is completely messy Daisy sets to work on her top, her thin shirt is filled with cream at the front and then custard down her back, while golden syrup is poured all over the front too.

And then it's time for Virginia's lovely blue hair to get the treatment, first the back of her head is completely drenched in golden syrup, and then she has a full carton of custard poured over the front, down over her face, and all down her front.

And to finish off, full bottles of milk are also poured over her.

Note that Daisy stays completely clean and dry bar a few small splashes and smears on her swimsuit. Have no fear though, Daisy's swimsuit is of course in line for a thorough filling in the future. Saturation Hall - where no clean lady goes ungunged for long.