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Mutual Messification II - set gm-2f204

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Mutual Messification II

Friday and Teena mess each other up together

Welcome to Mutual Messification, where two girls mess each other up together!

Playing today we have Friday, dressed in long grey shorts, a dark blue t-shirt, and clear ankle boots, and Teena, wearing her own military-green dress, with stockings and a suspender belt, and army green wellies.

Usually, when we have two or more girls messing each other up, they'll take turn and turn about, the recipient passively accepting her messing, until the turns change, and she gets to get her own back, the other girl now passively accepting the next bit of her own messy fate. However, in a mutual messification session, things operate a little differently, and the two girls mess each other up at the same time, each ignoring what's being done to herself while she concentrates on what she is doing to her opponent.

So, on starting, Friday immediately starts pouring cream into Teena's cleavage and down the front of her dress, even while Teena starts pouring cream into Friday's grey shorts.

They continue together, steadily reducing each other to mess-drenched ruin as they cover and fill each other's outfits with cream and custard, neither resisting at all as they completely destroy each other. At times they revert to turn-based messing, when they cover each other's backs and bottoms for example, and later on in the scene they break out some custard flans and pie each other, Friday taking two in the face while Teena takes a custard pie sandwich.

By the end of the scene they are both drenched in mess from head to toes, including fully messy faces and mess-shampooed hair.

There's a large accompanying photoset, and a separate hosedown video. The main messy video has full original sound, the hosedown one is silent due to crew chatter.