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Formal Jumpsuit Filling - set gm-2f215

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Formal Jumpsuit Filling

Rosemary wrecks her eveningwear outfit with mixed mess

Dressed in a very smart black formal jumpsuit, with a black leather belt and black leather high heels, and with her vibrant red hair, Rosemary is about to treat herself to a serious mixed-mess messover in the dungeon.

Laid out on the Table of Delights for her use are Devon Dream, custard, milk, tomato soup, baked beans, and a lovely gooey defrosted chocolate gateaux, and absolutely all of them will be going over, or inside, her very smary black suit. Which isn't going to look smart, or black, for much longer.

She starts off pouring cartons of Devon Dream down inside her suit, followed by the soup - it takes a fair bit of mess poured in before it begins to show through, but soon enough, the suit starts to suffer as more and more mess is added. Custard is added to the mix, the gateaux is sat on, and then the custard-covered squashed slices are picked up and smeared all over the outside of the suit, flowing custard and cream engulfs her high heels, as Rosemary loves every minute of reducing herself to a wet, sticky mess.

And then it's shampoo time, and that glorious red hair soon starts to suffer too, as Rosemary throroughly shampoos custard and cream all through her hair, and pours it all over her face too.

By the end of the scene Rosemary is utterly drenched in mess from head to toe.