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Creamed Sportswear! - set gm-2f217

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Creamed Sportswear!

Lily and Felicity destroy each other's gym outfits with creamy Devon Dream

Felicity and Lily are dressed for the gym. The very messy, creamy gym. Lily is actin as the therapy lead, with Felicity as her patient. Felicity wears black Karimor running trousers and a black and pink short sleeve zip top, over a black swimsuit, with black basketball boots. Lily wears a unique blue Adidas three-stripe capri-length sleeveless unitard, over a turquoise swimsuit, with blue and white deck shoes. Both girls are sockless, barefoot in their shoes.

To start with, Lily stays all nice and clean and dry, while she gradually wrecks Felicity's outfit with ever more creamy goodness. Felicity's running pants suffer first, being well filled front and back, and she does various exercises to really make the creamy filling show through from inside. Her top soon succumbs too, being filled front and back, and then Lily just pours more creamy dream all over the outside of Felicity's clothes. Felicity's basketball boots get well filled too, while still on her feet.

Lily stays clean and dry all thriugh the therapy session, but needless to say in this house that state of affairs cannot be allowed to continue, and so Lily takes her place in the centre of the dungeon, and allows the cream-drenched Felicity to well and truly get her own back. Lily's lovely unitard is soon filled and covered, and then with both of them well messed up, they take turns throwing even more Devon Dream all over each other, before taking turns to finally pour multiple full pots over each other's hair, until they are both coated from head to toe.

All good things must eventually come to an end, and so once they are both satisfied they're totally drenched in creamy deliciousness, there's a separate hose-down video, durung which Lily strips down to her turquoise swimsuit, while Felicity stays fully clothed. Both get thoroughly washed clean on camera.