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Legsuit Filling with Rosemary! - set gm-2f224

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Videos included in this download:

  • gm-2f224-v1 (15 minutes, 59 seconds)
  • gm-2f224-v2 (09 minutes, 00 seconds)

Legsuit Filling with Rosemary!

A very thorough mixed mess swimsuit filling from our head groom

Sometimes the simplest pleasures are the best. So here in the dungeon we have Rosemary, dressed in just a dark blue legsuit swimsuit, and blue wellies, and about to get very messy indeed with mixed sweet and savoury substances!

She starts traditionally, two cans of custard down the front of the suit, then she turns round and popurs two more down the back, wiggling to make it show through as it gathers inside. There's lots of custard in this scen, but she also uses tomato soup, rice pudding, baked beans, and full-fat milk, and absolutely all of it goes down the inside of her ever-messier swimsuit.

Though, not forgetting her boots, which get a filling while she's wearing them, her hair, which she gives a thorough custard shampoo, and finally a full carton of cold milk poured over her head and face, flowing all down her front and soaking her already-mess-drenched swimsuit.


Technical: With this scene you get the main messy section in which Rosemary gets totally messy, plus a separate hose-down video in which she is hosed down, still in her swimsuit and wellies, by the dungeonmaster. Note the hosedown clip has the dungeonmaster (dressed in a boilersuit) visible from the neck down off to the right hand side, operating the hose, and does have some conversation between Rosemary and him. The main messy scene is just Rosemary, and the only vocals are her reactions as she pours the various substances into her swimsuit and over herself.

In addition to the two videos, you also get an enormous 600-shot high resolution photoset, with lots of close up detail as Rosemary's suit succumbs to its messy fate.

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.