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Cleaning in Officewear

Honeysuckle wears totally inappropriate clothes to clean in.

Following on from helping Maria with her very sexy boilersuit demonstration, which is now available in the Imperatrix Domina download store, Honeysuckle, still in her perfectly clean and dry smart office dress with tights and heeled leather shoes, was left to clean up the mess she'd helped to make.

Except she's not got very far when Maria, all washed and changed into a fresh outfit, returns expecting to find a clean dungeon, and instead finds almost nothing has changed. Oh dear!

So now Honeysuckle is going to have some lessons in what happens when you keep MyPieRogative waiting. And her nice smart office outfit isn't going to stay clean and dry for much longer.

Honeysuckle is made to sit in a tray of mess, then her shoes get the treatment, one drenched in soup, the other in custard, various messes are poured down inside the front of Honeysuckle's dress, where we can see them flow under the mesh upper part and then soak through the main part of the dress from inside, she has soup and cream thrown over herself, and she gets a total messy shampoo and face pour too. Through all of this Maria, dressed casually in jeans and a stripey top, remains completely clean and dry.

Fortunately Honeysuckle really likes getting messy, so the pinishment kind of turns out to be a pleasure instead. Maria is happy either way, she gets a willing victim to drench in goo!