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Messy Scrubs! - set gm-2f23

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Nurse Wendy-Household gunge-tests a set of Alexandra scrubs

  • Jade green medical scrub tunic by Alexandra
  • Jade green medical scrub trousers by Alexandra
  • White lace-up plimsoles

Nurse Wendy-Household is quite partial to medical clothing, so when the opportunity came up to gunge-test a set of brand new scrubs for a major healthcare company, she jumped at the chance.

First, she tries the outfit out for fit and style, nothing the fine material and beauthful drape of the now classic style.

Next, she fills a silver tray with custard, and then carefully sits down in it, coating the seat of the trousers and dipping the edge of the tunic in thick yellow fluid.

In a playful mood, she then plunges her hands into the mess, and puts the tray on her head, dripping custard onto her hair and down the still mostly clean tunic.

Nurse Wendy slips her shoes off, one at a time, fills them with custard, and slips them back on again, before completely covering her trouser legs, pouring custard both inside and all over her tunic, and gradually getting messier and messier, until not a single clean stitch remains.

The scrubs passed the test, though we might test them again some time, just to be sure!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.