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Interview Practice

New Year, New You, New Job, New Goo!

Lucia has a job interview coming up, and as chance would have it she's found out that we at the hall were the consultants who designed this particular firm's deep level interview. So while obbiously we can't tell her how to cheat we can offer a few pointers on things that will score well in the various practical parts of the examination.

So Lucia, smartly dressed in a skirt suit, with a beautiful silver satin blouse and knee-high heeled boots, meets Honeysuckle, in a smart red designer dress, black tights, black opera gloves, and little red and white check pumps, and Honeysuckle helps Lucia to properly understand what a Hall-advised interviewer will be looking for.

Needless to say Lucia's smart business suit doesn't stay clean for long, and neither does Honeysuckle's dress, as she willingly volunteers herself for Lucia to try her techniques out on.

Cake-sitting comes first, with Lucia first carefully preparing a gateaux with extra cream and custard before deliciously planting the seat of her pinstripe skirt in the mess, squishing herself down and wiggling to really mash it into her skirt. Then after the addition of some tomato soup she sits again, getting even more soggy wet mess all over the back of her ultra-smart suit.

From there on both girls' outfits are doomed, things are sat in, Lucia's blouse is filled, as are her suit jacket pockets, Honeysuckle also takes a seat in mess and then has her dress well filled front and back, she also has her lovely black gloves filled with soup!

Lucia's boots get well filled while she is wearing them, and Honeysucle has her shoes taken off, filled, one with cream, one with soup, and then puts her pantyhose-clad feet back into them.

And of course to finish both girls give each other total mess shampoos and facials, Lucia keeps her glasses on as a whole carton of custard is poured down her face!

New year, new you, potentla new job, lots of new goo!

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