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Custard Skirts of 2018

Smart skirt uniforms meet their messy fate

Friday and Honeysuckle are looking very smart in their new skirt-based Saturation Hall staff uniforms. While our people do have a lot of freedom to chose what to wear, several had said they'd actually like a smart outfit, based on a nice traditional knee-length skirt, to wear when the occasion requires something smarter than overalls or a boilersuit, but not quite the kind of formal event that needs a gungable gown. Oh, did I say gungeable? Well of course any outfit intended for our people to wear has to prove itself just as comfortable and practical when drenched in goo as it is when clean and dry. Which is where Friday and Honeysuckle come in.

So, the new skirt uniform was created. Smart, just below the knee navy blue skirt, short sleeve pale blue shirt, smart black tie, and in keeping with how we usually do things at the Hall, transparent clear wellies worn over bare feet, so that not only can the boots be filled, they can be seen to have been filled too. But before we can bulk order them for the staff, they need to be thoroughly mess-tested.

There are two options for the skirt, Friday's is slightly darker, very plain with no pockets or adornment, and has the traditional zip and button fastining at the back. Honeysuckle wears a slightly bluer skirt, which has its zip and button at the front, and two practical front pockets, trouser style. Ideal for small items, or for filling with goo. Other than that their outfits are identical.

Welly filling comes first, custard poured into one boot while being worn, then the other boot is removed, filled, and a clean foot placed back into it. Then, with messy feet but otherwise spotless, they give each other's ties the treatment, which of course leads to messy shirt fronts and drips down their skirts. Skirt filling comes next, and then cake sitting, as they squelch their still-clean bottoms down into lovely soggy chocolte gateaux, then standing up, adding custard or cream to the squashed cake, and sitting down again to really mess the backs of their skirts.

Needless to say both girls totally destroy each other with mess, including full hair coverage, mess shampooing, and finally face pours too. They completely slather each other in custard and cream till there's not a dry stitch on either of them, and finally pose, utterly drenched in mess, and very happy with how the uniforms perform in the mess.