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Formal Casino Card Party - set gm-2f245

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Formal Casino Card Party

Honeysuckle and Maude destroy each other's smart formal looks with lashings of custard!

Honeysuckle, in a black satin pencil skirt and lace-up cleavage top, with fine black hose and high heeled black leather boots, and Maude, in a gorgeous red and white formal gown with matching silky scarf and beautiful black strappy heeled shoes, have a pack of genuine casino-played cards from The D on Freemont Street in Las Vegas, and neither of them will be staying clean for long!

The game is simple, draw a red card, and Maude's lovely dress will suffer, draw a black one, and Honeysuckle's smart look will feel the custard's touch. They both look lovely all clean and dry, but we all know they'll look even better drenched in goo!

The cards are drawn, and the mess begins to flow, and by the end of the scene, both girls are reduces to custard-soaked ruin. Honeysuckle's pencil skirt proves ideal for filling, as of course does Maude's dress, Honeysuckle's boots get filled her clean, tights-clad feet get put back into them, Maude's scarf is coated in goo and put back on, trays of custard are sat in, messy shampoos are given, and both girls end up utterly drenched in custard from head to toe.

This is how our girls like to party!