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All Denim Savoury Sacrifice

Three girls, lots of denim, lots of soup!

Sometimes, sacrifices must be made. And here at Saturation Hall, sometimes that means three lovely girls, and the all-denim outfits they are wearing, are going to come to a very wet and squidgy end.

Maude wears long denim dungarees over a white t-shirt, and Converse boots, Teena is in denim shortalls over a white t-shirt, and blue and white stripey wellies, while Lucia is dressed in high waist dark denim blue jeans, white t-shirt, dark denim jacket, and sparkly wellies. And all three have agreed to submit to the ancient 'Savoury Sacrifice', where one of their number will get a bit messy, and then she gets to select who is next, until all the supplies are used and all three have been reduced to wet and sloppy savoury ruin.

They have a fully loaded set of supplies to chose from, all savoury, including tomato soup, chopped spaghetti, and spaghetti hoops. Maude is given the honour of first choice, so her dungarees get to stay clean for a little bit longer, while she decides which of the other two will be first to feel the mess. But don't worry, very quickly all three girls find themselves sucumbing to a tide of messiness, as they pour more and more soup and spaghetti inside, and eventually over, each other's clothes.

And no, their hair doesn't escape either, before the end of the scene each girls has lashings of savoury loveliness mashed into her lovely clean locks too.

By the end of the main scene all three girls have been reduced to total savoury ruin. And then comes the hosedown too.

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