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Maiden's Beanfeast! - set gm-2f26

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Maiden's Midwinter Beanfeast!

Maiden the Slave Girl in denim-beaning frenzy!

  • Genuine 1980s blue denim jumpsuit
  • Black wellington boots

While browsing through Lady Jamsmine's wardrobe, Maiden came across this wonderful 1980s blue denim jumpsuit. Having teamed it with some nice black wellies for that genuine 80s "work woman" look, she knew there was only one way to test it properly, a full-on beaning!

First she plunges her boots into two large buckets of beans, then takes them out, lifts the buckets one at a time, and pours the contents all over herself in an absolute tide of goo.

Once both buckets are empty, she lies dowm on the floor and carefully sees to every remaining un-beaned area of her outfit, ensuring every last square inch of fabric is thoroughly drenched in mashed beans and ketchup.

Enjoy the Beanfeast!