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You're Next!

Lady Amaranth and Felicity the Serving Wench

An aristocratic friend of Lady Jasmine's stays at the Hall for a week, and borrows one of the serving wenches for some gunge fun in the dungeon!

  • Lady Amaranth
  • Black pinafore schoolmistress uniform dress
  • White short-sleeve school shirt
  • Black knee-high socks
  • Converse boots
  • Felicity the Serving Wench
  • Navy blue below-the-knee uniform skirt by Alexandra
  • Pale blue 3/4 sleeve blouse
  • Dark tights
  • Black plimsoles

The hall employs quite a few servant-folk to see to the running of the place, and most are of course just as keen to help with the gungings as the residents. So when Lady Amaranth of the Southlands came to stay for a week, it's no surprise that she soon roped this fair young lass, only recently employed as a maid to Lady Jasmine, to 'helping' with a little fun of the Lady's own!

Having bribed the butler with some fine sherry, and raided the gunge store for plenty of supplies, the two women settle down to some seriously sticky fun.

First, Felicity finds herself sitting neatly, while Lady Amaranth pulls out the elasticated back of the servant's pristine uniform skirt, and empties a full box of custard into the back of it. The custard flows in and fills up the back of Felicity's skirt, and then she stands up, and thick dollops of yellow flow down the inside of her skirt and both legs, splattering on the floor and Felicity's shoes.

Of course her ladyship is entirely fair, and now calmly sits and watches while Felicity, custard still dripping from inside her skirt, the back of it sticking to her legs, carefully prepares her own special retaliation. First she places a large thawed Black Forest Gateaux on a tray, then covers the gateaux with custard, and with golden syrup. And then Lady Amaranth has to sit in it. Squelch! But what's this? When the lady stands up again, Felicity doesn't think the back of her ladyship's dress is properly messed, and of course a half-done job will never do for a Saturation Hall girl. So the tray is re-positioned and down Lady Amaranth goes for a second squelching wiggle onto the gunge-filled tray. That's better! This time, when her ladyship stands up, the back of the skirt of her dress is almost as messy on the outside as Felicity's own skirt is on the inside.

And now, of course, it's Felicity's turn to be gunged again. Her lovely pale blue uniform blouse gets it this time, thick custard poured both outside and inside, and nice big dollops rolling down the front and onto her skirt. Once Lady Amaranth pronounces herself satisfied with the mess she's made of the front of Felicity's outfit, the magic phrase, "you're next!" is heard, and it's time for Lady Amaranth to get even messier.

Back and forth the gungings go, as each takes sweet revenge for whatever has been done to her, only to find the tables turned yet again. Black treacle, golden syrup, squirty cream, custard pies, and of course lots and lots of custard, are slowly and lovingly poured over and into each lady's outfit.

Once their clothes are pretty well covered, the ladies take turns to sandwich each other's heads with custard pies, and drench each other's lovely hair in custard, shampooing it in thoroughly.

Oh! what a lovely mess!