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Formal Treacle Treatment - set gm-2f31

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Formal Treacle Treatment

Felicity gets treaqualised by The Pink Pourer

  • Felicity
  • Floor length peach formal bridesmaids dress
  • White lace-up plimsoles
  • The Pink Pourer
  • Pink boilersuit
  • Pink wellies
  • White belt
  • Pink and white scarf

It's been remarked before that Lady Jasmine is more than generous with her staff, even allowing them to borrow some of her lovely gunge outfits on occasion. So it happens that one day, not long after she'd entered her ladyship's service, Felicity plucked up the courage to ask if she could borrow Lady Jasmine's beautiful peach bridesmaids dress for a day, and found her wish immedieatly granted.

Things didn't go quite according to plan though, as half way through the afternoon, Felicity suddenly found herself in the dungeon, at the mercy of the mysterious Pink Pourer. Who very quickly set about making Felicity's borrowed dress very messy indeed!

Liquid treacle came first, poured over both of Felicity's shoulders, from where it ran down into the front of the dress, soon soaking through the bodice in a spreading stain, then overflowing down the front and over the skirt.

Golden syrup comes next, flowing like liquid amber and thoroughly coating both the dress and Felicity's hair, as the mysterious Pourer empties two bottles of it over Felicity's head, as well as lots of full cans all over her dress.

Eventually, Felicity rises from the gunging stool, lies down in the pool of gunge on the floor, and does several push-ups, totally coating the front of her beautiful dress in thick, sticky mess, while the Pourer empties many cans of thick black treacle over Felicity's back and skirt.

The dress is utterly and totally drenched in treacle and syrup. The only question is, was the Pink Pourer working on Lady Jasmine's orders, or not? No doubt there will be more to this mystery before the truth is revealed. Remember, the gunge is out there!