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The White To Black Treacle Show! - set gm-2f33

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The White To Black Treacle Show!

Felicity and Wendy in white outfits, and black treacle


  • Felicity
  • White 3/4 length track bottoms
  • White short-sleeve shirt
  • White lace-up plimsolls
  • White knee-length uniform skirt
  • White short-sleeve shirt
  • White knee-high socks
  • White lace-up plimsolls


  • Sportswear gunge
  • Uniform gunge
  • Trouser filling
  • Shirt filling


A local entrepreneur is thinking of opening a health spa in the village, offering alternative, complemendary, and gunge therapy. Needless to say as part of the planning for such a venture, the style and gungeability of a variety of potential uniforms has to be thoroughly checked and tested.

So Wendy and Felicity find themselves in the dungeon, both dressed in pristine white, ready to test how two potential uniforms perform when subjected to gallons of thick black treacle!

The ladies test each other's outfits very thoroughly indeed, Felicity has treacle poured into her trousers both front and back, till it drips from the leg-bottoms and pools on the floor at her feet, then she has her shirt filled, her back covered, and finally the entire outfit covered all over.

Then it's Wendy's turn, she lies down, her skirt and shirt all white and pristine, and Felicity slowly and carefully destroys Wendy's entire outfit with treacle and syrup. Her shirt suffers first, then her skirt, and once both are completely coated, her socks and shoes suffer the same sticky fate.

Both women then relax on the floor, both totally coated in syrup and treacle. Both uniforms appear to have passed the gunge test, so perhaps the new spa will have to use both styles!