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The Mysterious Madam Brulee - set gm-2f34

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The Mysterious Madam Brulee

Lady Full-Wellington and a visiting French noblewoman do PVC gunge in the dungeon

  • Madame Brulee
  • PVC Maid's Dress
  • Genuine Japanese lolita underskirt
  • Black spandex leggings
  • Swears shoes
  • Lady Full-Wellington
  • Silver PVC jeans
  • Black lace-up top
  • Leather boots

In the vinyards of northern France they still tell the tale of Madam Brulee, the fabulously wealthy owner of the legendary Lost Vinyards of the Loire, hidden by deep magic from the outer world many years ago, and said to produce wine so fine that Bachus himself is among the customers.

The lady herself, like her vinyards, vanished from public view shortly after leaving finishing school, but she has been known to appear, at random, at the homes of other aristocrats, bringing bottles of the most extraordinary vintage, wine that leaves all who taste it aglow with its potency and its uneartlhy sweet flavour. All she asks in return is a comfortable bed for the night, and an evening of revelry with whichever household she has graced with her presence.

So it was that in the early spring of 2008, late one rain-swept day, the servants answered a knock at the door of Saturation Hall to find a mysetrious Frenchwoman with a wagon full of winebottles, and the revelry soon commenced!

Of course no visit to Saturation Hall is complete without a thorough gunging in the dungeon, so Lady Full-Wellington leads Madam Brulee down the spiral stairway, and then submits to the French noble's tender mercies with the custard, before siezing the chance to turn the tables and give the visitor a proper Saturation Hall custardisation!

Watch and enjoy as cleavages are filled, Madam Brulee's PVC dress is totally coated in custard, and Lady Full-Wellington has her PVC jeans completely filled, with lashings of custard poured in, front and back.

The next morning, Madam Brulee walks out of the great oaken front door of the hall, and promptly vanishes, but the servants find a rare and unusual gift, a case of the magic wine left in the middle of the high table. Clearly the French visitor enjoyed her visit, perhaps some day she may return?