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Rose gunged by Veronica Ravenblack - set gm-2f35

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Rose gunged in a formal dress

Lady Rose is thoroughly gunged by the mysterious Veronica Ravenblack


  • Lady Rose
  • Burgundy-red floor-length bow-sleeve formal bridesmaids dress
  • Black lace-up pumps
  • Veronica Ravenblack
  • Black combat trousers
  • Black lycra bodysuit
  • Black 'Caterpillar' boots


  • Formal dress gunging
  • Dress filling
  • Treacle sitting
  • Custard shampoo
  • Custard facial
  • Black treacle
  • Golden syrup
  • Custard


Lady Rose, long-lost younger cousin of Lady Jasmine, has recently escaped from a wicked uncle's scheming plots to marry her off for money, and has come to live for a while in the safety of Saturation Hall, where Lady Jasmine's free-spirited and independent lifestyle will help her develop her own independence. Meanwhile though, just as with anyone else who comes as a guest through these ancient doors of English Oak, she needs to be fully initiated into the household.

Conveniently enough, on the day of Rose's initiation, another experienced guest is lodging at the Hall, the wild, mysterious adventuress, Veronica Ravenblack, famed explorer and hunter, survival guru, expert with both gun and blade, and the leader of Lady Jasmine's own famed Badger-Penguin hunting trip to Darkest Peru. Having been at one with swamps and mudflats for her entire life, Veronica is well placed to deliver Rose's initiation.

Rose dresses carefully for the occasion, in a beautiful, brand new floor-length burgundy ball gown, with a simple bodice and lovely bow sleeves. Veronica dresses casually but smartly in her best jungle explorer's outfit, solid, sturdy boots by Caterpillar, and plain black high-waisted combat trousers worn over a close-fitting sleeveless lycra swimsuit / bodysuit.

Veronica decides to demonstrate the adult initiation ceremony of the legendary Guigui tribe, every member of which is dressed in their finest clothes and mercilessly gunged on their 18th birthday. Rose takes a seat in the dungeon, and Veronica starts by pouring can after can of thick black treacle over Rose's bare shoulders, from where it flows in thick, slow floods down into the dress's bow, and on into and over the bodice, back and front. A finger of treacle flows out from under the bow at the front, slips gently over Rose's left breast, and then a thin stream falls to pool in her lap, just missing her neatly folded arms. She looks down, but remains neatly seated as the pool slowly spreads towards her skin, while can after can of treacle flows down inside her dress.

More and more treacle is poured in, flowing out on both sides and pooling, and then in time-honoured tradition the silver tray is produced, Rose stands, the tray is filled, and down Rose goes to sit in an inch of treacle. She doesn't immedieatly stand though, instead she remains sitting in goo while Ms Ravenblack pours golden syrup over her bare shoulders and back, sending even more deliciously thick messiness flowing down inside Rose's dress, filling the back completely until she can play with the syrup caught inside the skirt.

Then Rose stands at last, and the tray is peeled away to reveal the seat of the dress completely soaked in treacle from without and syrup from within. Rose sits again, squelch in her treacle-filled dress, and has can after can of syrup and treacle poured over her front and lap.

Then, to finish, the custard is produced, a rare and valuable item to the Guigui people, and Veronica gives Rose a thorough and total custard shampoo, followed by a custard face-wash.

And then Rose lies down on the dungeon floor in the pool of treacle and syrup that's already flowed out from inside her dress, and Veronica finishes off the gunging with more syrup and yet more custard, while Rose masages the mess all over her dress, ensuring that every last inch of fabric is completely coated and soaked in mixed mess.

Finally, Rose stands and poses for the camera, showing off her completely saturated and gunged formal dress, knowing that having been safely initiated into Lady Jasmine's household, she is forever safe from her clean-obsessed relatives. Of course, after she's been hosed down and changed into a dry outfit, as an initiate, she is now free to get her own back on the all-too-willing Ms Ravenblack!


Note there is a hosedown gallery of Rose, still in her formal dress, being thoroughly hosed down with warm water in the Members Extra gallery.