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Rose's Revenge! - set gm-2f36

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Rose's Revenge!

Rose gets her own back on Veronica, following Rose's initiation


  • Veronica Ravenblack
  • Black combat trousers
  • Black lycra bodysuit / swimsuit
  • Black sports-bra
  • Black 'Caterpillar' boots
  • Lady Rose
  • Navy blue knee-length uniform skirt by Alexandra
  • Pale blue 3/4 sleeve blouse
  • Blue 'Hunter'-style wellington boots


  • Fully clothed gunge
  • Trouser filling
  • Swimsuit filling
  • Custard
  • Golden syrup
  • Treacle
  • Custard shampoo and custard facial


There is a tradition at Saturation Hall that following any initiation ceremony, the initiate is permitted, encouraged even, to exact revenge, to 'get their own back' on whoever initiated them. This is a tradition which Veronica Ravenblack is thoroughly in favour of, and so it's with almost unholy glee that Veronica welcomes Rose, now dressed in a smart uniform, as beloved of many of the Hall's residents, back to the dungeon, and still in her spotlessly clean explorer's outfit, submits herself to be gunged by Rose.

The dungeon floor is still awash with the residue of Rose's hose-down, into the messy pool Veronica steps, knowing her boots will only protect her for a few minutes more. She knows that before long she'll almost certainly be ordered to lie down in the mixed mess, and is already looking forward to feeling the cold wetness soaking through her clothes.

But Rose has other ideas first, and quickly aquires a full carton of custard, which she teases Veronica with for a few moments.

Rose orders Veronica to turn and face the wall, as soon as she's done so Rose pulls out the back of Veronica's combat trousers, and down into the trousers and over her bottom a full kilo of custard is poured.

Veronica wiggles a bit as the custard is poured in, enjoying the feel as it flows over her lycra-clad bottom and starts to flow down inside her trouser-legs, reaching round to feel how far it's gone. Then she turns to face the front again, and helpfully pulls out the front of her combats, ready for Rose to pour more custard in, which she promptly does, two full kilo cartons. Veronica gasps with delight as the cold wet custard drops into her trousers and soaks through her swimsuit, and as the last of the second carton is poured in, she starts to wiggle and gyrate, revelling in sensation as thick squelchy wetness fills the trunk of her trousers and flows down both legs. Once it reaches her boots she lifts the bottom of her trouser-legs, one at a time, to watch the thick yellow gloop flowing down her legs and over and into her boots.

By now it's clearly aparent that Veronica is not just enjoying her gunging, she's positively loving the experience, but as Rose thoroughly enjoyed her own initiation that hardly matters, and Veronica holds out the top of her swimsuit while Rose pours a full can of golden syrup down the inside and over Veronica's practical black sports-bra.

More syrup over the outside of the lycra follows, shiny flowing fluid gathering and collecting on Veronica's chest before flowing down over her stomach and onto her now custard-filled trousers. A can of treacle follows, mixing with the syrup and flowing like oil all over Veronica's front. She cerfully bends her knees to ensure the thick drips falling from her chest land on her trouser-legs, streaking her legs with gunge.

Now Veronica turns and faces the wall, bracing herself to best show off her delightful bottom, which Rose procedes to completely cover in treacle. At first, you can just make out the darker areas where Veronica's combats are already full of custard, but then the thick tide of oil-like treacle flows down over her shapely bottom, and on down her long legs.

At this point Rose allows Veronica to sit down, with a delicious squelch from her custard-filled combat trousers as she does so. What's next? A complete custard facial - Rose empties a complete carton of custard all over Veronica's face, and then pours more yellow mess all over Veronica's clothes. Veronica herself enthusiastically helps, massaging the mess over and into her already-filled trousers and lycra swimsuit, then sits still for a moment so that Rose can cover both of her arms in treacle. Veronica then turns to the wall, presenting her gunged back and bottom to the camera, and Rose pours even more custard over Veronica's back, completely covering and filling the back of her swimsuit. Once all the custard is poured in, Veronica reaches round with both hands and works some of the custard up and out of her swimsuit, so it flows down the outside, and flows into the back of her combats instead.

Now it's time for Veronica's long and beautifull hair, which has so far escaped the mess, to get the treatment, and Rose delivers a slow, sensual custard shampoo, thoroughly coating every last strand in thick, clinging yellow mess.

At this point Veronica is totally gunged, all of her clothes saturated, completely filled inside and completely coated outside, her face, arms, and hair covered, and her boots full of custard which has run down her legs. But Rose feels there's just one or two finishing touches needed. And so down Veronica goes, lying on her back on the floor in the pool of gunge both gungings have created. And Rose breaks out yet more custard, and Veronica's front gets another full treatment, covering everything from her face to the trunk of her saturated combats.

Veronica finishes off sitting up, cross-legged, in the pool of muck, looking admiringly up at her still spotless gunge mistress. "Yes", Veronica thinks to herself, "you'll fit in here perfectly. You're one of us!".


Note there are over 200 hose-down pictures from this set in the Members Extra gallery, featuring a soaking wet Veronica being hosed down still fully dressed, and then stripping to just her swimsuit, still being hosed down.