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Rose's Sporty Self-Gunging - set gm-2f38

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Rose's Sporty Self-Gunging

Rose covers and fills her sports uniform with lashings of custard


  • Dark blue tracksuit trousers
  • Dark blue t-shirt
  • Dark blue baseball cap
  • Black plimsoles
  • Black swimsuit (as underwear)


  • Fully clothed gunge
  • Sportswear gunging
  • Tracksuit gunging
  • Cake sitting
  • Plimsoles
  • Custard
  • Shoe filling
  • Trouser filling
  • Hat filling
  • Gunge shampoo


Now she's been fully initiated into life at Saturation Hall, it's time for Rose to experiment with her first solo self-gunging in the dungeon. She's chosen to keep it nice and simple, dressing in a smart but practcal games instructor's sportswear outfit, and gunging herself with a single gateaux, and lots and lots of custard.

First, she places the gateaux in the middle of the floor, and pours several cartons of custard over it to create a nice pool. Once she's happy with the results, she places herself over the gateaux, supporting herself on her hands and feet, and then gently lowers her tracksuit-clad bottom onto the custard-covered cake, pressing herself down, squashing and spreading it beneath her as the wet custard and buttercream spread over and soak through her trousers, and wet the swimsuit she's wearing beneath them.

Next, after standing up and showing off the now very mesy back of her trousers, she sits cross-legged in the mess, and pours four full cartons of custard into her trousers, completely filling the trunk of them, the custard flowing all round inside as she sits in the mess. Then she stands up, and we get to enjoy her reactions as litres of cold custard flow down inside her trouser legs and out over her shoes.

Then she sits down in the mess again, and covers the outside of her trousers before taking off and filling one shoe, which she then slips back on again. Rose takes her hat off and fills it with a full carton of custard before splodging it back on her head, custard streaming through her hair and down her still mostly-clean t-shirt. She pours more custard over the top of her hat, letting it flow over the brim and drip down over her front, later the hat comes off again and Rose gives herself a thorough custard shampoo.

Rose ends up totally covered, hair, face, her full outfit, she even pours a carton of custard into her t-shirt and then squeezes the trapped custard back out at her neck to flow down her front. And needless to say her plimsoles get the full treatment too.

There's also some hose-down pictures, including shots of Rose soaking wet in just the tracksuit trousers and swimsuit and plimsoles, in the Members Extra gallery.