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The Cola Karada! - set gm-2f41

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The Cola Karada!

The return of the mysterious Sister Graves.

  • Lady Rose
  • Black bondage jeans
  • Black mesh-and-denim bondage jacket
  • Black see-through mesh 'Vampire' shirt
  • Black swimsuit
  • Black plimsoles
  • Sister Graves
  • Plain, severe, long black dress
  • Black pumps
  • Features
  • Gunge bondage
  • Japanese rope bondage
  • Full body karada
  • Cola pouring
  • Hosedown

Something a little bit different this time, combining rope bondage with fully clothed wet and messy fun.

The mysterious, enigmatic, and very beautiful, Sister Graves returns to the Hall, dropping in on Lady Rose for a night of playful rope work. Rose has a new outfit for the occasion, bondage-style punk/goth, with lace-sided black jeans, see-through 'Vampire' top worn over a swimsuit, and a denim-and-mesh jacket to match her jeans. For her part the Good Sister keeps things simple in a plain figure-hugging ankle-length black dress.

First, comes the rope. Rose stands the willing victim while Ms Graves gradually binds her ever more completely into a full-body karada, the interlacing ropes steadily rising as Rose becomes completely imobilised.

Then, comes the gunge. Cola in this case, lovingly poured over her creation by the good sister, forming and fizzing and soaking its way through ropes and Rose's outfit until everything is saturated and shining beneath the dungeon lamps.