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And Now It's Your Turn - set gm-2f42

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Lady Rose and Sister Graves

The good sister submits to a messy game with Lady Rose


  • Lady Rose
  • Dark blue nurses uniform dress by Alexandra
  • Pale blue nurses belt
  • White plimsoles
  • Sister Graves
  • Long plain black dress
  • Black plimsoles


  • Custard pouring
  • Fully clothed gungings
  • Long hair
  • Custard shampoo
  • Uniform gunging
  • Custerd covered dresses
  • Shoe gunging

Fresh from her bondage cola-drenching, Lady Rose is back, this time dressed in a smart nurses uniform, and in the spirit of fairness Sister Graves submits to a game of scisors - paper - stone, knowing full well that her lovely plain black dress, and her waist-length red hair, will suffer this time!

Round one of the game actually goes to the good sister, and so it's Lady Rose's uniform dress that is the first to sucumb to the custard's sticky yellow embrace, but before long her ladyship wins the upper hand, and all of a sudden Sister Graves isn't looking quite so smart and severe any more, as thick yellow gunge starts to flow over and soak into her dress.

Back and forth the gungings go, Lady Rose's outfit is soon entirely engulfed in custard, but so too is Sister Graves, her dress reduced to a wet, slimy mess, and her beautiful long red hair lovingly consumed in a thorough custard shampooing that leaves no strand ungunged.

Gunge submission!