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Got Milk? - set gm-2f45

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Got Milk?

Veronica in clothes-filling fun!


  • Dark blue women's fit boilersuit by Dickies Workwear
  • 18-hole Doc Marten boots
  • Black lace-up swimsuit


  • Swimsuit and boots pre-shoot
  • Watch Veronica put her boilersuit on
  • Clothes filling
  • Custard down the pants
  • Treacle and syrup on clothes
  • Treacle and syrup shampoo
  • Long hair
  • Milk drenching
  • Milk facial

Join Veronica Ravenblack as she spends a pleasant morning in the dungeon, first dressing up in one of her favourite "sploshing about" outfits, and then totally drenching herself and her clothes in custard, treacle, syrup, and finishes herself off with three litres of cold milk straight from the fridge!

Veronica starts off dressed in just a back swimsuit and boots, she poses like that for a few shots before unpacking a brand new Dickies boilersuit, slipping it on, and then slowly reducing it and herself to a sticky, sploshy mess.

As soon as she puts the suit on it's obvious that her bottom is way too clean, a situation she soon corrects with a nice squashy gateaux and tray of custard. More custard is then poured down inside the front of her suit, soon filling both legs until it starts to leak out of the tightly-laced boots.

More and yet more mess is slowly applied to Veronica's clothes, and once they are coated she mashes a cake into her face, and then treats herself to a treacle shampoo.

Come, join the lovely Veronica in one of her stickiest sets yet!

Mini-trailer included below - note members videos are full size.