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The Blue And Green Treacle Show! - set gm-2f49

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The Blue And Green Treacle Show!

Lady Morgana comes to play at the Hall


  • Lady Morgana
  • Dark blue crushed silk strapless bridesmaids dress
  • Matching dark blue bolero jacket
  • Black leather high-heeled ankle boots

  • Nurse Wendy-Household
  • Deep green floor-length short-sleeved bridesmaid's dress
  • Black leather spike-heeled ankle boots


  • Formal dress gunging
  • Bare shoulders
  • Willing gunge-vctims
  • Black Treacle
  • Golden Syrup
  • Dress filling

First encountered at a mysterious castle in Western Argyll, the wild Lady Morgana has followed the household back to the high moors of Yorkshire, to the very doors of this ancient Hall, and invited herself in to play in the dungeon, with Nurse Wendy-Household as a willing playmate.

Dressed to the nines in finest formalwear, these two beautiful women spend a wonderfully happy afternoon gradually reducing each other's lovely outfits to sweet, sticky ruin, dresses both filled and coated in slow-flowing gunge.

Morgana starts out with a bolero jacket over her fabulous stapless silk dress, and keeps it on while the first cans of treacle are poured down her cleavage to fill the front of the dress, but then removes it to have her bare shoulders coated in treacle. Later on, she has the back of her dress filled too, at her own request. "Isn't it every girl's dream to get dressed up in your best dress and then just totally cover it in mess?", as she playfully commented beforehand!

Wendy is dressed to impress in a beautiful long green evening dress. Which soon succumbs, as her front is filled, syrup overflowing down the front to colect in her lap, where it's soon joined by several more cans poured straight onto the skirt of the dress!

Both ladies end up with their dresses absolutely saturated in gunge.