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The PVC Cola Queen - set gm-2f52

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The PVC Cola Queen!

Mysterious Morgana takes an outdoor cola shower from our ladies!

Morgana. Wild, flame-red hair, and a lovely sleeveless black PVC catsuit! And black rubber boots, all ready for filling.

Lady Rose, and Wendy Household, in red and blue formal dresses, plus Lady Amaranth, dressed as a waitress, set about Morgana with gallons of cold, fresh, fizzy cola, on a quiet side road on Lady Jasmine's Highland estate.

Morgana gets fizzed in places she didn't know she had places, as the foaming cola is poured all over, and into, her shiny PVC.

At the end she and Lady Amaranth walk back towards the main road, getting some interesting looks from coach-loads of passing tourists on one of Argyll's main highways!