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Highland Cola Bath - set gm-2f53

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Lady Amaranth's Cola Bath

Our southern lady takes a traditional Scottish midge-repellant!


  • Black combat trousers
  • Black and white tiger-stripe swimsuit
  • Black wellington boots

In the Western Highlands of Scotland, midges are a menace. Forget the mildly annoying things you get in England, the West Highland Midge is a creature of truly ferocious appetite which will not stop till it's drunk several gallons of blood!

There are many alledged midge repellants on the market, but as any true scotsman knows, the only two things that truly work are cigarette smoke, or ultra-cheap supermarket cola!

Lady Amaranth decides to take the second treatment, to be administered by Wendy and Morgana, which they do with enthusiastic glee!

Amaranth has cola poured over and inside her swimsuit, over and inside her combats, and eventually has the contents of her own wellies poured over herself too!