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Bride and Bridesmaid - set gm-2f56

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Bride and Bridesmaid

Just how much treacle can you get in a wedding dress?

Felicity wears a beautiful multi-layered white wedding dress, and as a true nature's bride, keeps her cute feet bare, while Morgana dresses in a lovely wine-red floor-length bridesmaid's dress. Both ladies look stunning in their perfect outfits.

And then they slowly, carefully cover each other from top to toe in lots and lots of thick, slow-flowing black treacle and golden syrup!

It starts with dress-filling, and it's quite remarkable just how much goo you can pour down a girl's wedding dress before it starts to stain through the fabric. At one point Felicity's right sleeve is completely filled too. Needless to say Morgana's dress doesn't escape the punishment either, and she soon has gallons of syrup flowing over and through her lovely outfit.