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Molly Dexter - set gm-2f58

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Molly Dexter

The local tailor's daughter comes to play!


  • Molly Dexter
  • Black velvet vintage 1980s jumpsuit.
  • Wedge-heeled leather boots.
  • Felicity the Serving Wench
  • Navy blue below-the-knee uniform skirt by Alexandra, slightly workstained.
  • White short-sleeve uniform shirt.
  • Pink wellington boots.

Meet Molly Dexter, daughter and apprentice to the local vilage tailor, and occasional visitor to the Hall. She and Felicity, our wayward serving girl, have struck up a friendship, and Molly decides to try her hand in the dungeon, comprehensively wrecking her clothes instead of mending them.

Felicity shows her the ropes as only a Saturation Hall girl can, and soon has Molly enjoying that special soggy bottom feeling, as Felicity gets her to sit down in a nice tray of custard. Fair is fair of course, so soon Felicity's household uniform is being treated to liquid treacle, at Molly's hands.

Felicity sits quite unresisting while Molly pours several large wine-glasses full, and then the entire bucket, of liquid treacle all over her shirt and skirt. And then Molly sits back down in her tray of custard, and knows that it's payback time, as Felicity neatly fills Molly's suit with custard, pulling out the neckline and mercilessly dropping the thick yellow fluid down inside.

On the gunging goes, turn and turn about, until both ladies are totally drenched in mess.