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Miss Pink's Bean Feast - set gm-2f75

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Miss Pink's Bean Feast

Shiny, black, and covered in sauce!

    Miss Pink wears:

  • Skin-tight black spandex leggings
  • Skin-tight black spandex long-sleeve top
  • Chrome heel, spike-heeled thigh-high kinky boots

Miss Pink is dressed for an evening of very sexy gungeplay, and she knows it! With her bright pink hair and all-black skin-tight shiny outfit, complete with some very nice thigh-boots, she makes a striking sight as she poses for us on a table carefully prepared for the gunging to come.

With the assistance of Modesty, our fiesty young barmaid is slowly, and very carefully, totally covered in goo!

She starts out lying face down on the table with her feet in the air, chrome spike heels pointing at the ceiling. Modesty uses those convenient heels to crack the shells of a dozen free range eggs, which then slither their slippery way down the leather boots and onto the backs of Miss Pink's legs and bottom.

Once the eggs are dispatched, it's time to bring out the beans, and that lovely shiny black costume is slowly but steadily engulfed in mess as can after can of beans is carefully poured over our beautifully willing gunge victim.

Once her entire costume has been coated, Miss Pink sits up in the pool of beans on the table for the piece de resistance, when Modesty empties an entire bucket of baked beans over our gunge girl's head!

Totally covered and with her hair drenched in sauce, Miss Pink plays in the mess for a while before clambering down from the table and getting thoroughly hosed down, again at Modesty's hands.