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Nurses Uniform Gunge Test

Clothes filling and gunge-sitting with Prudence and Modesty

Long term followers of the Saturation Hall household will remember that Lady Jasmine suppliments the estate's income by running a clothes-testing business, subjecting a veriety of outfits to a barage of custard, treacle, syrup, custard pies, and anything else she can think of, to assist manufacturers in attaining EU certification in absorbancy, wet-image, slippery-when-wettness, and all the other details that are required by a vast pan-national beuracuracy who's minions have to find something to do to justify their time, money, and questionable architecture.

It's a lucrative field, testing just one outfit for full compliance with the EU's gungability guidelines and stickiness quotient can bring in as much revenue as all the sheepfarms on the estate combined, so it's a worthwhile endeavour.

Which explains why Prudence the Housekeeper is all smart and lovely in a pale lilac uniform dress, that she suspects won't look so smart for much longer!

Modesty has volunteered to be the pourer for this session (for which of course she'll also get a nice EU-funded fee), and as the household has always been very big on fairness, the agreed rules are that for every pour or other application of goo Modesty does to Prudence, Modesty must receive something in return. All over her beautiful gold floor-length formal dress. She's not going to look smart for much longer either!

Prudence is first to feel the stickiness, as Modesty performs the opening pours into the housekeeper's uniform, and damp stains are soon appearing through the lilac fabric as the dress begins to fill. But Prudence gets her own back, every time Modesty stands up to do something else to her, Prudence gets to pour gunge into the silver tray on Modesty's chair, which she then neatly sits down in, spreading layers of gunge over the seat of her dress, from where they run down the back each time she stands up.

Soon enough they are pouring gunge over each other with merry abandon, dresses drenched and well filled with goo. By the end both girls still look lovely, both totally drenched in mixed mess!