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Boots, Gloves, and Overalls! - set gm-2f80

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Boots, Gloves, and Overalls!

Chastity gunges herself in her working clothes

Here's Chastity, in black boots, green overalls, and big black rubber gloves, just having some fun in the dungeon, and gradually getting totally gunged in the process!

She starts with syrup, just a little, on her skin, poured inside her gloves, and drip-drip-drip down the front of her overalls. Then she moves to custard, and not so little any more, as she pours several full cartons down the inside of her overalls in a trouser-filling frenzy. Once she's got plenty inside her clothes, she squishes her legs and trunk with her gloved hands, helping the trapped wetness to soak through the fabric.

Gunge sitting comes next, as she lowers her still clean green-clad bottom into a tray of mixed mess, squelching herself down in it and wiggling as it soaks through the dungarees and wets her bottom.

Chastity stands up to show off the mess, before using her gloved hands to spread it across the back of her overalls, and then sitting down again.

And now she's back to clothes filling, yet more cartons of custard tipped into her green dungarees, filling them up and swelling round her as she sits in glorious gooeyness!

Chastity's lovely long hair isn't forgotten, a thorough custard shampoo, with the drippages flowing down her back to coat the last clean bits of her clothes, is soon the order of the day.

Of course once she's thoroughly messed herself up and rolled about in the mess on the floor, including taking one of her boots off and pourings the contents over herself, it's hosedown time. Including Chastity stripping off her soaked dungarees and ending in just black swimsuit, black boots, and black gloves - look in the Members Extra gallery for that!