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Prudence the Housekeeper

Full gunge test of a Hall servants uniform

Prudence is Lady Jasmine's housekeeper, charged with ensuring the smooth running of this rambling old manor and it's somewhat wild collection of residents and retainers. She does her job with skill and style, and while her taste for wild hair and wilder parties might not, perhaps, be what is usually associated with a staff member of her rank, she suits the Hall, and the Hall suits her. And of course, she loves getting gunged!

Here we see Prudence simply relaxing at the end of a day's work. She's dressed in her No2 uniform, plain, shiny, knee length blue dress, black apron, and blue wellington boots, and means to get just a little bit messy before she knocks off for the evening.

First order of business is custard. Lots of it, poured straight into her dress. Followed by black treacle. Her apron isn't tight, so we get to see the spreading stain as the mess flows down inside the front of the dress till it's dripping between her feet. She throws another carton of custard down her front for good measure, and then she prepares a tray. The back of her dress is still pristine and clean, but not for long - splat, she sits in the tray, and spins herself round, enjoying the feel of the sticky wetness soaking through her dress and underwear.

Syrup is next, liberally poured down her front while she's still sitting in the tray of custard. Her apron, which had stayed clean so far, is soon drenched in sugary gunge. And then she covers her dress' long sleeves in black treacle.

And now, it's time to deal with her lovely purple hair. Syrup first, then treacle, with the overflow flooding down the still clean upper back of her dress.

More syrup, more custard, and a roll in the mess on the floor to finish off any remaining dry bits, and Prudence's messy work is done! And then of course she gets hosed down, still in her soaked and messy uniform.